Organic Herbal Lung Cleanse Repair Nasal Spray(2pcs)
Organic Herbal Lung Cleanse Repair Nasal Spray(2pcs)
Organic Herbal Lung Cleanse Repair Nasal Spray(2pcs)
Organic Herbal Lung Cleanse Repair Nasal Spray(2pcs)
Organic Herbal Lung Cleanse Repair Nasal Spray(2pcs)
Organic Herbal Lung Cleanse Repair Nasal Spray(2pcs)
Organic Herbal Lung Cleanse Repair Nasal Spray(2pcs)
Organic Herbal Lung Cleanse Repair Nasal Spray(2pcs)
Organic Herbal Lung Cleanse Repair Nasal Spray(2pcs)
Organic Herbal Lung Cleanse Repair Nasal Spray(2pcs)
Organic Herbal Lung Cleanse Repair Nasal Spray(2pcs)
Organic Herbal Lung Cleanse Repair Nasal Spray(2pcs)

Organic Herbal Lung Cleanse Repair Nasal Spray(2pcs)

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Hear What Our Happy and Satisfied Customers  Mark Paterson and Jamie Scott Say About Organic Herbal Lung Cleanse Repair Nasal Spray

“I was suffering from severe congestion, and nothing seemed to help. My doctor even said that nothing could be done and that I'd have to live with it. But then I tried Organic Herbal Lung Cleanse Repair Nasal Spray, and my life has completely turned around! Within days of using it, my congestion had completely cleared—and it's been that way ever since! After years of living with allergies, I can finally breathe again!” - Mark., 42, Nevada - 

“I've been a huge fan of this product ever since I got my first bottle. This spray has helped me so much with my congestion, and it's been especially helpful in the winter time when colds are running rampant and when my sinuses are triggered. I can't believe how much my breathing has improved since using this. I'm not waking up wheezing or coughing anymore, and I'm sleeping better at night too. If you're looking for a way to help your lungs stay healthy and strong, then I highly recommend giving this product a try!” - Jamie., 32, Washington - 

The Respiratory System: How You Breathe, and Why It Matters

The respiratory system is a series of organs that work together to help your body breathe. The lungs are the most important part of the respiratory system, as they are responsible for taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. It's made up of your lungs, nose, mouth, throat, windpipe, diaphragm, and rib cage.

The nose and mouth bring air into your body, where it passes through the pharynx and larynx before entering the trachea. The trachea connects to two bronchi (one for each lung). The bronchi split into smaller bronchioles that lead to alveoli, which are tiny sacs where oxygen enters your bloodstream.  The lungs are located within your chest, and they contain millions of tiny air sacs called alveoli. The alveolar walls are covered with a thin layer of fluid called pulmonary plasma. These two layers create a barrier between the air in your lungs and the blood vessels that supply them with oxygen-rich blood.

When you inhale, you take in air through your mouth and nose. This air travels down through your windpipe (trachea) into your lungs where it passes through the pulmonary capillaries (tiny blood vessels). Here it picks up oxygen from red blood cells as well as carbon dioxide from other cells throughout the body. From there, it travels back up through your trachea and out into the atmosphere again!

Respiratory Illnesses: What You Need to Know

Respiratory illnesses are a broad category of conditions that affect your breathing and the cells in your lungs, the nose, windpipe, throat and sinuses. These conditions include asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, and bronchitis. They can be caused by bacteria, viruses, or other germs. 

Respiratory illnesses can cause shortness of breath (dyspnea), chest pain, coughing up mucus (sputum), fever, chills, fatigue, loss of appetite, and more. Some people also have chest tightness or wheezing (stridor).\

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that more than thirty-eight million people experience a respiratory illness every year. The CDC also notes that, in recent years, there has been an increase in cases of influenza, pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses.

It is important to understand how these diseases can affect you so you can take proper precautions to avoid getting sick or spreading it to others


Introducing Organic Herbal Lung Cleanse Repair Nasal Spray: Restore Your Lungs to Their Natural, Organic State with this Incredible Nasal Spray

Don’t let your lungs get the best of you.

You’re breathing in all kinds of crap, and it’s not just bad for your health—it can make you feel like you have to breathe through a straw. It’s time to clean up your act.

Organic Herbal Lung Cleanse Repair Nasal Spray is here to help you get back on track with a natural herbal lung cleanse and repair nasal spray that will make you feel like a new man (or woman). The organic ingredients are hand-picked by our expert herbalists and combined in a proprietary blend that has been used for centuries to help people breathe better. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling in the nose and throat, which helps to open up airways so you can breathe more easily, encourages the respiratory system to self-clean so that your lungs may get rid of their waste and mucus and remain healthy. 

By stimulating and diluting the mucus in the trachea and lungs, Organic Herbal Lung Cleanse Repair Nasal Spray helps open your breathing channel by helping to eliminate phlegm and lung leftovers within two hours after inhalation. Desensitization therapy can effectively cure respiratory allergies, asthma, and other illnesses. It can also help your immune system be adjusted to lessen allergic reactions

 We guarantee that Organic Herbal Lung Cleanse Repair Nasal Spray will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever life throws at you!

What are The Key INgredients and How Do They Work?

  • Eldeflowers - are great for supporting healthy sinuses. This can help you if you catch the ills and chills as well as in the allergy season. Elderflower in particular helps to reduce and stop runny noses as it has anti catarrhal properties. It also helps to reduce that blocked up and ‘deafness’ you can get from too much mucus in your sinuses - really helpful for those that are prone to chronic sinusitis. 

  • Antimicrobial Peptides - are components of complex host secretions, acting synergistically with other innate defense molecules to combat infection and control resident microbial populations throughout the oral cavity and respiratory tract.

  • Styrax -  a gum resin from the Styrax benzoin tree, has been used for centuries as a treatment for respiratory ailments. Its antibacterial properties help to clear the airways and reduce inflammation. It also has anti-inflammatory and expectorant effects that help to alleviate congestion.

  • Nasturtium -  has been shown to be beneficial for respiratory health. The compounds responsible for its anti-inflammatory properties may help soothe the throat and lungs. These compounds also have antioxidant properties that may prevent cell damage from free radicals caused by breathing polluted air or smoking cigarettes.

  • Recombinant Collagen Peptide - is a vitamin-enriched, highly bioavailable protein. It has been shown to improve the health of the respiratory system, both by helping to reduce mucus production and by increasing mucociliary clearance. This is because it has been shown to promote the growth of new, healthy cells in the lungs. 

Excellent Benefits of Organic Herbal Lung Cleanse Repair Nasal Spray

  • a unique blend of organic herbal ingredients that provide excellent benefits for the respiratory system
  • can help to repair and strengthen the lungs, reduce mucus, and clear congestion.
  • provides antibacterial action against pathogens such as viruses and bacteria that may be causing illness or infecting your respiratory system
  • reduce symptoms such as congestion, sneezing, coughing, and sore throat
  • the herbs in this product are known for their ability to open up airways and remove congestion, while also soothing inflamed tissue
  • effective at keeping your respiratory system in tip-top shape
  •  safe for you to use on a regular basis in order to maintain healthy breathing habits
  • helps to improve breathing problems caused by smoking or exposure to chemicals or tobacco smoke

Take A Look At Miguel’s Ultimate Experience with Organic Herbal Lung Cleanse Repair Nasal Spray


I was coughing all the time, and it made me feel like I was dying. My lungs were on fire, and I felt like I couldn't breathe. I had no energy, and my chest hurt every time I coughed. I had to take a lot of medicine to try to help me feel better, but none of it worked.  I was always having to go to the doctor and get shots, and I felt like my nose was always stuffed up. I wanted to smell things and be able to breathe through my nose.


After just a few days of taking this herbal lung cleanse repair nasal spray, my symptoms were gone! The coughing stopped, the chest pain disappeared, and I could breathe again without feeling like I was suffocating or having an asthma attack.  It's nice not having to take all those meds anymore!



  1. Remove the cap from the bottle, then pull off the protective seal.
  1. Shake well before each use. Be sure to hold the bottle in an upright position for at least 30 seconds after shaking it so that all of the ingredients are thoroughly mixed together.
  1. While sitting up straight, tilt your head back and apply 1-2 squirts into each nostril, being careful not to get any liquid into your mouth or eyes.


  • Net Weight: 20 ml
  • Type: nasal spray
  • Target User: general


Product Includes

2 x Organic Herbal Lung Cleanse Repair Nasal Spray