Seurico™ Herbal Hemorrhoids Cream
Seurico™ Herbal Hemorrhoids Cream
Seurico™ Herbal Hemorrhoids Cream
Seurico™ Herbal Hemorrhoids Cream
Seurico™ Herbal Hemorrhoids Cream
Seurico™ Herbal Hemorrhoids Cream
Seurico™ Herbal Hemorrhoids Cream
Seurico™ Herbal Hemorrhoids Cream

Seurico™ Herbal Hemorrhoids Cream

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Thanks to Seurico™ Herbal Hemorrhoids Cream, more than 100,000 people have been relieved.

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  1. Donkey-Hide Gelatin: By improving blood circulation, Donkey-Hide Gelatin helps enhance the local supply of nutrients, providing the necessary substances for the repair of damaged tissues. Its nourishing effects also strengthen the body's overall recovery ability, especially after hemorrhoid-induced bleeding, aiding in a rapid return to health.

  2. Rhodiola Rosea: Rhodiola Rosea, by increasing the body's resistance to stress, reduces gastrointestinal issues caused by prolonged sitting, tension, or fatigue, thereby indirectly decreasing the risk of constipation and hemorrhoids. Moreover, it can enhance the body's immune response and promote wound healing.

  3. Panax Notoginseng: Not only can Panax Notoginseng effectively stop bleeding and reduce symptoms of hemorrhoid bleeding, but it also improves blood circulation and promotes the repair of damaged capillaries. This dual action makes it a key ingredient in hemorrhoid treatment, especially for patients with bleeding external or internal hemorrhoids.

  4. Angelica Sinensis: The blood-enriching and blood-activating effects of Angelica Sinensis can directly improve local blood circulation, relieving swelling and pain caused by hemorrhoids. Additionally, it can promote endocrine balance and regulate intestinal function, thereby helping to prevent constipation and reduce the chance of hemorrhoid recurrence.

By combining these four ingredients, the hemorrhoid cream can provide not only immediate relief from pain and discomfort but also deeper level repair and promotion of perianal tissue health, preventing future recurrences. This comprehensive treatment approach aims to improve the patient's quality of life by addressing hemorrhoids both internally and externally, reducing their impact.

 What are Hemorrhoids?
Hemorrhoids are a condition caused by dilated and congested blood vessels in the rectal or anal area. Sitting or standing for a long time, obesity and other factors can cause hemorrhoids accompanied by obvious bleeding, pain, itching, and even anxiety, depression and other problems.

According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, the highest rate of hemorrhoid patients in the world reaches 36%. Common other anal diseases include anal fissures, anal fistulas, anal warts, anal eczema, and anal tumors.

Seurico™ Herbal Hemorrhoids Cream combine traditional herbal medicine Donkey-hide gelatin and Rhodiola rosea, in which collagen is absorbed through the intestinal wall, repairs blood vessel congestion and rupture, reduces blood vessel dilation, protects intestinal mucosal tissue, and promotes hemorrhoid healing. At the same time, it can nourish yin and moisten drynessmaintain intestinal moisturetreat constipation symptoms, and prevent other anal diseases.

Can solve male prostatitis and dysuria

Seurico™ Herbal Hemorrhoids Cream solve problems such as prostate inflammation and difficulty urinating in men. It contains a large number of herbal extracts, which reduce swelling and pain by inhibiting the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines during the prostate inflammation process. At the same time, it acts on the smooth muscle of the urethra and bladder neck, blocks the stimulation of α1-adrenergic receptors, reduces the contraction of smooth muscle, increases the patency of the urethra, and relieves the obstruction of urine flow.

Seurico™ Herbal Hemorrhoids Cream can be pushed in by hand, and absorbed through the intestinal wall after the capsule dissolves. Change you a healthy and comfortable life! Say goodbye to traditional hemorrhoid application ointments and sprays, no need for manual application.

What Makes Herbal Strength Hemorrhoid Capsules the Best Choice for You?Repair damaged anal and bowel linings

7 days effective

√Prevent anal disease

√Improve blood circulation

√Relieve prostatitis and dysuria

Clear infection and treat hemorrhoids

24 hours continuous relief of discomfort

How to Use:

1.Wash private parts and keep moist.
2.With clean hands, insert the capsule deep into the anus with your fingers.
3.The cream will be digested and vanished naturally.
4.Recommended to use once a day before bedtime.


  1. What is Seurico™ Herbal Cream used for?

    • Seurico™ Herbal Cream is formulated to provide temporary relief from pain, burning, itching, and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids.
  2. Does Seurico™ Herbal Cream contain any harsh chemicals or steroids?

    • No, Seurico™ Herbal Cream is free from harsh chemicals, artificial preservatives, lanolin, petrochemicals, parabens, steroids, and fragrance. It also does not undergo animal testing.
  3. What are some of the natural ingredients in Seurico™ Herbal Cream?

    • The cream contains a blend of high-quality natural ingredients, including Sophora, Cortex Dictamni, Cnidium, Artificial Bezoar, Borneol, and Vaseline.
  4. Is Seurico™ Herbal Cream suitable for people with sensitive skin?

    • Yes, it is suitable for sensitive skin as it is non-steroidal, hypoallergenic, and designed to provide relief without irritation or potential side effects.
  5. How should Seurico™ Herbal Cream be applied for best results?

    • For best results, gently cleanse the affected area with mild soap and warm water, apply a thin layer of the cream to cover the affected area and surrounding region, and wash your hands thoroughly after application. Repeat up to 3 times daily for temporary relief and consider using it twice per week as a preventive measure.
  6. How often can Seurico™ Herbal Cream be applied?

    • Seurico™ Herbal Cream can be applied up to 3 times daily for temporary relief from symptoms.
  7. Can Seurico™ Herbal Cream be used as a preventive measure?

    • Yes, as a preventive measure, it is recommended to use the cream 2 times per week.
  8. Are there any specific safety measures to follow when using Seurico™ Herbal Cream?

    • It is important to wash your hands thoroughly after applying the cream to prevent spreading the product beyond the intended area.
  9. What sets Seurico™ Herbal Cream apart from other hemorrhoid relief products?

    • Its gentle and effective formula, free from harmful chemicals and steroids, and packed with natural ingredients, makes it unique. Additionally, it is hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.
  10. Where can Seurico™ Herbal Cream be purchased?

    • While the provided information does not specify purchase locations, it is likely available on online platforms or stores where natural and medicinal creams are sold.